How much does Matisyahu make?


Matisyahu Net Worth. $8 Million USD.

Matisyahu always tells the Jews to go to Zion but he says nothing about the suffering of the Palestinians. A hundred thousand dollars would be a pittance to Matisyahu. He could give it to a Palestinian family so they can have money to move to a tolerant, multicultural country like Germany.

You can send a message to Matisyahu @ his website here. Or you can send him a tweet here.

3 thoughts on “How much does Matisyahu make?

  1. Who cares about some freaking Palestinians?? The world has better things to focus on than some invented people bitching around everyday and bringing up their kids to hate the Jews!
    When you have learned to get those Islamic militants outa your lives, then maybe the world will see your kind as responsible.
    oh and move to Germany?? seriously?? I would really like to have that crack you’re on 😉

  2. this is so pitiful and ignorant. how much money does the arab world have? to some arab royalty and theres more than a few of them 180 million is pocket change and you ask matisyahu to sponser a palestinian family. have you no shame? truth is theres a reason the arab world wont collectively bail out the palestinians when they so easily can and its more than just greed though im sure greed would be enough of a reason but its also because they enjoy watching the palestinians suffer alongside the israelis. thats right palestine is a puppet erected and maintained by arab elite to harass israel. how does that make you feel knowing your brothers are using you?

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