Jerry Seinfeld’s Porsche

Jerry Seinfeld's Porsche

How many Porsche’s does Jerry Seinfeld have? 50? Why can’t Jerry sell one and give a Palestinian family 100k to live in France? What’s the deal with the Porsche collection?

Jerry Seinfeld’s fortune is estimated to be 250 million. 100k is a pittance to Seinfeld.

3 thoughts on “Jerry Seinfeld’s Porsche

  1. Why can’t Jerry sell one and give a Palestinian family 100k to live in France?

    I say : “Why France”.
    Come to România 🙂

  2. here you go again. why are you begging rich jews for a bailout? jerry seinfeld is a pauper compared to some arab royalty and theres more than a few of them 180 million is pocket change. have you no shame? truth is theres a reason the arab world wont collectively bail out the palestinians when they so easily can and its more than just greed though im sure greed would be enough of a reason but its also because they enjoy watching the palestinians suffer alongside the israelis. thats right palestine is a puppet erected and maintained by arab elite to harass israel. how does that make you feel knowing your brothers are using you?

  3. seriously you are a fucking retard for suggesting jews should bail out the palestinians because they have money. arabs have even more money and theyre doing less than jews to help palastinians. oh and reparations what reperations? jews lost more than the world can give back and im limiting myself to property here. as far as reparations jews driven from arab lands are still waiting. and this i dont get maybe u can explain this to me: u bash feiglin and kahane for suggesting to pay palestinians to leave but then u stoop to suggesting jews (diaspra jews at that who have nothing to do with israel)are morally responsible to pay palestinians. which is it should we pay them to leave or not?

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