Expert: Paying Palestinians to Leave a ‘Positive Solution’

Dr. Martin Sherman of the Israeli Institute for Strategic Studies says that UNWRA funds be used to pay Arabs to resettle elsewhere

By Yaakov Levi

Dr.Martin Sherman

Dr.Martin Sherman
Women in Green

At an event in Haifa last week, Dr. Martin Sherman, head of the Israeli Institute for Strategic Studies, said that the best way to ensure the future of a Jewish Israel, and the individual welfare of Arabs living in Judea and Samaria, was to offer an “evacuation-compensation” package for them, similar to the process undertaken by the government for families who live in buildings slated for urban renewal projects.


Sherman was speaking at a conference on sovereignty for Judea and Samaria sponsored by Women in Green and the Hazon Leumi (National Vision) students’ organization. In the past, Sherman said, efforts to establish multiple sovereignties on the land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River had fallen flat, and the current “experiment,” in which the Palestinian Authority was given limited sovereignty over parts of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, only proved the point. Eventually, he said, there would be only one sovereign – Israel, the Jewish state, or an Arab Muslim entity.


On that basis, Sherman said, it was legitimate for Israel, which is fighting for the survival of its Jewish population, to offer Arabs a deal in which they would be compensated for leaving their homes and moving abroad. Israel would eventually be forced to adopt a policy like this, because of the demographic pressures it will be subject to from a large and restive Arab population in Judea and Samaria.


The solution to the overall problems of sovereignty and demography, said Sherman, was three-pronged: First, the United Nations organization responsible for dealing with the Palestinians – UNWRA – must be dismantled, or expelled from all areas of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. UNWRA, more than any other organization, is responsible for preserving the “refugee” status of Palestinians, decades after their grandparents and great-grandparents fled their homes in Israel, in order to move out of the way and allow seven Arab armies to destroy the newly-founded State of Israel in 1948. Without UNWRA support, he said, all but about 50,000 of the 5 million people around the world who claim to be Palestinian refugees will give up that status.


After that, said Sherman, the massive budget that had been provided to UNWRA should be transferred to a fund that will allow Palestinian ex-refugees to resettle in a new home of their choice. The fund should provide enough money to resettle families and clans, providing them with positive living, work, and educational opportunities in Arab or Western countries.


Once those arrangements are in place, he said, it will be possible to approach Arab families and clans with offers that will be worth their while. According to Sherman, an offer like this to the heads of extended families among Palestinians would be embraced.


This is not an “expulsion” or “transfer” plan, said Sherman, but a humanitarian one “that will provide benefits for the Arab population, as well as for the countries that agree to receive them as new, wealthy residents.”


Sherman’s idea is similar to one proposed by MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud-Beiteinu) last year. Speaking at the 2013 Sovereignty Conference, Feiglin said that Israel should offer each Palestinian Authority Arab $500,000 to leave Israel. “The country pays 10% of its gross national product every year to maintain the ‘two-state solution’ and the Oslo Accords,” Feiglin said, including money for security fences and checkpoints, Iron Dome missile defense systems and guards whom he said are posted “at every café.” Feiglin said the same money could be used to pay every PA Arab half a million dollars to leave Israel.



Palestinians: Coming to America?

Neil Diamond

The United States takes in more than a million immigrants per year. The population of Palestine is 3,937,309. It would take the United States less than 4 years to take them all. You can contact US immigration here.

We’ve been traveling far
Without a home
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Today, Today,
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My country ’tis of thee (today)
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Today, Today, Today
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Neil Diamond’s net worth is $180 Million.. You can download his song America for free here. It will probably piss him off. You can contact Neil on Twitter or Myspace.

How much does Matisyahu make?


Matisyahu Net Worth. $8 Million USD.

Matisyahu always tells the Jews to go to Zion but he says nothing about the suffering of the Palestinians. A hundred thousand dollars would be a pittance to Matisyahu. He could give it to a Palestinian family so they can have money to move to a tolerant, multicultural country like Germany.

You can send a message to Matisyahu @ his website here. Or you can send him a tweet here.

The Palestinian Archipelago

Palestine Archipelago

Strange Maps is an excellent blog which will likely be the next addition to my tag of “highly recommended blogs.” Today’s offering is an unusual portrayal of the geography of the West Bank region of Palestine.

This map is considerably more interesting than previous maps of this fragmented area (see also the Wiki set of historic maps), in that it uses color-coding to convert the conventional geopolitical boundaries to the appearance of a chain of islands.

“Maybe posting the full map would help to take it for what it is, i.e. an illustration of the West Bank’s ongoing fragmentation based on the (originally temporary) A/B/C zoning which came out of the Oslo process, still valid until now. To make things clear, areas ‘under water’ strictly reflect C zones, plus the East Jerusalem area, i.e. areas that have officially remained under full Israeli control and occupation following the Agreements. These include all Israeli settlements and outposts as well as Palestinian populated areas.”

Those colours, incidentally, denote urban areas (orange), nature reserves (shaded), zones of partial autonomy (dark green) and of total autonomy (light green). Totally fanciful are of course the dotted lines symbolising shipping links, the palm trees signifying protected beachland, and the purple symbols representing various aspects of seaside pleasure. The blue icon, labelled Zone sous surveillance (‘Zone under surveillance’) has some bearing on reality, as the locations of the warships match those of permanent Israeli checkpoints.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Porsche

Jerry Seinfeld's Porsche

How many Porsche’s does Jerry Seinfeld have? 50? Why can’t Jerry sell one and give a Palestinian family 100k to live in France? What’s the deal with the Porsche collection?

Jerry Seinfeld’s fortune is estimated to be 250 million. 100k is a pittance to Seinfeld.

Maps: Palestinian Loss Of Land 1946-2000

Land Loss Israel Palestine

There are four maps that show the amount of Palestinian land versus the amount of Jewish land. Based on the maps, my guestimates for the amounts are as follows:

MAP #1 – 1946
Palestinian Land – 90%
Jewish Land – 10%

MAP #2 – 1947
Palestinian Land – 50%
Jewish Land – 50%

MAP #3 – 1949-1967
Palestinian Land – 20%
Jewish Land – Israel – 80%

MAP #4 – 2000
Palestinian Land – 10%
Jewish Land – 90%

Michael Bloomberg: $16 Billion

Michael Bloomberg

In March 2009, Forbes reported Michael Bloomberg’s wealth at $16 billion. As Mayor of New York City, Bloomberg lords over the media, finance and fashion capital of the U.S. — and arguably the world.

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Ralph Lauren: $1.9 Billion

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren was born as Ralph Rueben Lifshitz in The Bronx, New York to Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants from Belarus. According to Forbes Magazine, Ralph Lauren is worth 1.9 billion dollars, is the 209th wealthiest person in the world and the 88th richest in America.

Bill Maher – $13 Million

Bill Maher

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